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Advances in Heart Health

There’s been rapid increase in the incidence of heart disease in India, while there’s good news from the US (see on bottom), and it is news you can use. It’s all about knowing what’s good for your ticker. Here are important findings from the past year that you can act on – and benefit from – now.

TAKE THIS: Fish oil
It requires no prescription, but fish oil packs lots of powder.
According to a recent review of more than dozen major studies, if you have nigh cholesterol, fish oil can lower your odds of cardiovascular problems by nearly 20 percent; if you’ve had a heart attack, it can cut the likelihood of a second one by 15 to 30 percent. It’s the fatty acids EPA and DHA that are key.

All healthy people should average about 500 milligrams a day of combined EPA and DHA,

says study author Dr Carl J. Lavie.

You can get that with two fish meals per week or through a supplement.

This heart hero helps ward off heart attacks in men and strokes in women, but experts have become more leery of its ability to cause serious stomach bleeding. So guidelines in the US have changed. The important changes: Generally speaking, men shouldn’t take aspirin as a preventive before age 45, women should wait until age 55, both should stop at age 79 – and no one should start popping the pill without talking to a doctor about potential payoffs versus the danger of bleeding. The task force also recommends a lower dose for prevention: just one low-dose (75mg) aspirin daily or one regular (300mg) aspirin every other day.

DO THIS: Meditate
Studies have shown that this stresstaming technique decreases blood pressure and plaque buildup in arteries. Now it seems that meditation actually prevents heart attacks, strokes, and premature death in people with heart problems. Of 201 African Americans with cardiovascular disease, those who learned to meditate using the Transcendental Meditation technique were 47 percent less likely than non-meditators to have a heart attack or stroke or to die of any cause.

We tend to rush to the pillbox, but our study shows how powerful it can be to add stress reduction,

says researcher Theodore Kotchen, MD.

Good News: Awareness can improve heart health! That’s why in the USA, the death rate from cardiovascular disease has fallen significantly since 1995.

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