Hectic lifestyle, skipping meals, inadequate rest, pollution and stress leave us exhausted, emotionally and physically, having us feel worse than we look. Unknowingly, we do ourselves injustice by not going ourselves time to create and live a fulfilled life at every level. It’s been said that beauty lies within. That we believe is true when it comes to physical health as well. Not only physical activity but what you eat also defines our physical health.

The food you eat plays very important role in helping you achieve optimal health. When it comes to my food it is full of colour. I eat yellow, red, green, white and blue and this gives me the complete spectrum of colours. Eating a colourful diet is the first step for the healthier you. It gives the range of plant nutrients ( phytonutrients )  which are very important for our well being. Most of us either ignore this fact or can’t eat the recommended servings of fruits & vegetables. As an athlete, a trainer, and someone who prefers and lead an active life, my requirement is far higher than someone who is leading sedentary lifestyle. On an average I burn at least 4-5 times the amount of calories an average person does. Seems inconceivable as to how I can put those calories & required nutrition back in and be ready for the next activity? Compare it with calories you burn, and what kind of nutrition you put back each day. You can ask below listed questions to yourself to get the answer to this.

  • Do you consistently consume more than you burn, and punish yourself with a crash diet?
  • Do you skip on breakfast and eat a heavy lunch and dinner in the hope that you consume fewer calories?
  • Do you increase your fitness activity in spurts to overcome the additional weight you may have put or are you regular with it?
  • Do you eat colourful fruits & vegetables in your every day diet?
  • Does your food provide your body the required nutrition?

A healthy portion of Muesli, and Nutrilite protein powder kick start my day and keep me energized through my morning routines. I dive headlong into a power packed, activity filled day, burning more calories than I can consume. What fill the gap of nutrition for me are Nutrilite products such as Siberian Ginseng, Bio C, Daily, Concentrated fruits & vegetables and Salmon Omega etc. No one can imagine eating portions of meals to regain as many calories as I burn and feeling my body’s nutrition requirement by eating even 6 meals a day. It is important to recognize your body’s needs for a balanced intake of food by noticing changes in your physical activity with the change in your lifestage and lifestyle. Plenty of water, nutritious colourful food, and rest are important while not ignoring supplements such beneficial over a period of time. While I eat eggs, meat, and fruits through the day to get good mix of macro and micro nutrients, I ensure I do not ignore my intake of supplements, and consciously incorporate them into my schedule.

If I am riding my team of support crew ensures I consume a scoop of protein powder every half hour, a mixed dose of Nutrilite products every 4 to 6 hours, and regain my electrolyte and nutrient balance.

Consistency, dedication, and affirmation of your beliefs will take you a long way. You can build a beautiful you by giving yourself every chance. Think positive, eat right, maintain an active life, and recover by sleeping a good 8 hours a day. When you feel beautiful within, your smile will light up a thousand lights, and will be contagious.

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