Aging is a natural & a continuous process that begins with birth. None can escape growing old and experience the effects of the aging process. Literature is replete with terms such as the fountain of youth, or the elixir of life and in fact human longevity has been a topic of keen discussion and research for centuries.

When one is young, aging is associated with all positive perception – like growth, maturity and discovery. Many human abilities peak before age 30. We hardly can ignore the fact that aging brings with it, the regressive changes in organ functions. With age hair thins and turns gray, skin becomes less elastic and sags. There is a slowing down of functions which go forward throughout adulthood-loss of function of bodily organs. However we can slower the rate of aging, stay healthy and enjoy life to the fullest by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

In general, the lessons are clear. Regular physical activity, a balanced diet, social involvement, moderate or no drinking, and no smoking, can significantly decelerate the aging process. *Nutrilite is the world’s No. 1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand from Amway also advocates optimal Nutrition including positive thinking, balanced diet, adequate rest, regular exercise and supplementation. Nutritional Supplements is now becoming increasingly popular in developed countries. Even people in developing countries are incorporating it as part of daily diet. According to a recent Euromonitor Report the supplements segment grew by 14 percent in 2010 to reach Rs. 33 billion. The same report estimates that this segment will touch Rs. 46 billion by 2015 in India.

Nutritional supplementation has assumed importance for the ageing population more as older people are not able to obtain all of their daily vitamin and mineral requirements through food consumption alone.

As life expectancy is on the rise both in developed countries and emerging markets such as India and China, older consumers are suffering from an array of age related ailments. Health problems like unhealthy glucose levels & cardiovascular problems once predominantly considered the problems of old age have lately been striking younger people. Moreover Indians are susceptible to chronic diseases like diabetes cardiovascular disease, obesity and liver ailments. There are factors like ethnicity, heredity trait, Nutritional quality of food consumed and Nature of lifestyle put Indians at risk of some chronic diseases 10-20 years earlier than people of other ethnic groups. WHO has declared India as the Diabetic Capital with Heart attack rate amongst 35+ men in India is the highest. It also predicted that 34 percent of India’s population will be obese by 2020. India has over 6 crore diabetics and over 7.5 crore pre-diabetics. It has been alarmingly predicted that Number of diabetics in India will rise 120 percent in the next two decades. The risk factor is more with Pre diabetics whose blood glucose level in fasting stage ranges between 100-125 mg/dl and after two hours of food intake ranges between 140-199 mg/dl. The alarming part is that it leads to Diabetes if not controlled and people are not even aware of it. If imbalance in glucose levels in the blood is not controlled then one has a significantly higher risk of developing complications like heart related problem, retinal damage, chronic kidney problem, nerve damage and poor healing of wounds etc.

Therefore it is important to prevent the onset of such chronic disease through low calorie healthy eating habit, physical exercise and supplementation. Amway’s Nutrilite Glucose Health helps support healthy blood glucose level. It also assists in metabolism of fat, carbohydrate and protein thus helping in maintaining ideal weight.

A healthy population is a perquisite for holistic growth and prosperity of a nation. In a country which faces the dual problem of nutritional deficiency and obesity, healthy nutrition for adults and elderly is a major concern. A ‘well balanced’ and a nutritious diet’, physical exercise and supplementation which have specific benefits for various lifestyle, nutritional deficiency and age related health problems, are the ideal way to fulfill the nutritional gap which otherwise make us prone to age related chronic ailments like Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

The need of the hour is to remember that aging is an unavoidable natural process but Healthy Aging is a choice.

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