As men age, they may face a challenge with enlarged prostate problem with following symptoms:


1. Frequent urination at night

2. Pain during urination

3. Urgency to pass urine

4. Weak urinary flow

5. Incontinence & sexual dysfunction

i. Unfortunately most of the men are either unaware of such condition or they feel the symptoms are not serious enough to seek an early advise.

ii. Enlargement of prostate increases with age and can affect men as young as early 40s and affects the large population of men by age 60-70 years.


Research has shown that intake of natural plant products such as Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root help maintain normal physiological function  of prostate.


Research sponsored by Nutrilite Health Institute using Saw palmetto with Nettle root was named “The Most Scientifically Exciting” by the American Urological Association. Results of this research has also confirmed that supplementation with Saw palmetto and Nettle Root can support in managing healthy prostate function & normal urinary flow*


Help Maintain a Healthy Prostate



1. A unique blend of three naturally derived botanical extracts – Saw palmetto, Pumpkin seed oil & Nettle root.

2. Natural beta carotene concentrates provides antioxidant benefits.

3. These extracts supports healthy prostate & normal urinary flow.

4. Exclusive Citrus Bioflavonoid concentrates provide phytonutrient benefits.


Help them lead a good quality life by supporting them to maintain good prostate health

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