Social Media is a great opportunity to support the – building of your Amway business.
This platform helps you in engaging, interacting and building stronger relationships with your team and customers.
ABOs desiring to use Social Media for their Amway Business should review all Rules of Conduct particularly the Website Rules and Guidelines, Rule 4.3, Rule 8.3.9, Section 7 and Section 9 and adhere to the same.

Appropriate Conduct

  1. Create an individual Social media profile and add personal information and pictures. Connect with family, friends and people you know. Remember to maintain privacy settings to friends or friend of friends.
  2. Use Social Media to communicate with those downline and upline as appropriate. Maintain appropriate privacy settings.
  3. Make new friends online.
  4. Be transparent, authentic and honest. Be truthful and accurate at all times. Self disclose your affiliation with Amway if you intend to discuss the business on your page.
  5. Share availability of Amway products with you with names and respective MRP.
  6. Share positive experiences about Amway products and the Amway business.
  7. Treat people with respect and courtesy as you would have them treat you.
  8. Offer participation, support and feedback. The conversation should take place much like it would in person. When approaching others or entering the conversation, interact positively, be relevant and credible.
  9. Connect with Amway online, join official sites and share posts, videos and photos posted by Amway with your teams, customers and prospects.
  10. Use commonsense. Remember what you say reflects upon your and Amway’s reputation
  11. Refer questions or other users with questions to Amway.
  12. Do abide by the Rules of Conduct for Amway Distributors. Only some of the applicable rules are identified here. If in doubt, don’t do it. Check with Amway.


Prohibited Conduct

  1. Do not create pages, websites, accounts or other online avenues to sell products (Rule 4.3).
  2. Do not prospect or ‘cold’ contact in regards to sponsorship. If someone contacts you online and expresses a desire to buy product or learn more about the business, contact them privately through chats, messages or email. (Rule 4.3 and 8.3.9).
  3. Do not offer discounts or special promotions not offered by Amway.
  4. Do not spam or broadcast using social media (Rule 4.3, 4.3.2 and 8.3.9).
  5. Do not create fake Amway or product brand identities. You are not allowed to use Amway trademarks or trade names while naming your page. (Section 9).
  6. Do not use Amway logos, Amway Product logos, brand images, photographs and copyrighted text including product literature or Amway BSM’s without prior permission from Amway or misrepresent Amway in any way (Section 9).
  7. Do not make claims about Amway products that are false, misleading or incorrect (Rule 4.4).
  8. Do not upload photographs / videos / content related to Amway Business, events or products that are not authorized by Amway, false, misleading or incorrect (Section 7 and 9).
  9. Do not upload BSM’s of other ABO’s or your BSM’s that have not been approved by Amway (Section 7 and 9).
  10. If in doubt …. Ask. The Amway India Code Compliance team is always available to provide advise and guidance.
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